What Makes Hamm Chiropractic Different



Chiropractic is all about restoring mobility to fixated or "stuck" joints in the spine and pelvis.  When the vertebrae become misaligned or stuck they can lead to a host of symptoms including: neck pain, back pain, radiating pain, lack of motion, painful motion, headaches, and more.  

Dr Danny, using gentle chiropractic adjustments, will restore the normal joint motion and mechanics to allow the body to heal and function appropriately again. 

Other joints in the body such as elbows, shoulders, or ankles can also benefit from chirorpactic adjustments. 

If you are apprehensive to have a manual adjustment performed we have an Impulse Adjusting Instrument that will help to restore joint mobility without any "popping" or "twisting".  

Soft Tissue Therapy


This is one of the services we offer that may set us apart from other chiropractic offices you may have been to.  The soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia) surrounding all of the joints in the body work to stabilize those joints.  If the soft tissues become injured or stop working appropriately they can lead to joint issues and other symptoms such as headaches, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and more.  Tight, weak, imbalanced muscles surrounding the spine and pelvis can slow down the healing process or make improvement from chiropractic adjustments alone impossible. 

Dr Danny utilizes various techniques, such as Gua Sha and kinesio-taping to make sure the spine (or other affected joints) and surrounding soft tissues are working together to make the healing process as efficient as possible. 

Rehabiliation and Patient Education


Only part of your path to healing happens in our clinic.  The decisions you make at work, home, in the gym, etc. also play major roles in your ability to feel better. 

Dr Danny will take the time to teach you what you need to do to make sure you're going to continue to get better and avoid any activities or postures that may impede your progress. 

Whether it's posture education/training, core strengthening, ankle mobilization exercises, or nutritional counseling (to name a few) we'll make sure you have the tools it will take to get back to a healthy, active, pain free lifestyle.