Becoming a Patient

Our goal at Hamm Chiropractic is to get you out of pain and moving better as soon as possible.  Your care will start with an initial examination- at this point Dr Danny will determine whether or not you are a candidate for care.  If he decides that you can benefit from chiropractic the treatment usually starts that day.


Payment Options

Hamm Chiropractic accepts most major medical insurances.  The different benefits your insurance may offer varies greatly.  Please call or email us to discuss any questions you may have regarding your insurance. 

We also strive to make out-of-pocket care affordable and accessible if you do not have insurance or have a plan that we do not accept. Most of our patients happily pay for their care out-of-pocket when they realize the quality of care that you receive at Hamm Chiropractic.  HSA and FSA plans also allow you to pay for chiropractic services without using traditional insurance benefits.