Testimonials - Chiropractic testimonials in Oregon

 Dr. Danny is amazing!  He has been able to help me with any issue I have come to him with.  I'm always amazed at home much better I feel when I leave his office.  He has taken the time to learn about my daughter's different diagnoses and has been able to help them from their teen years into adulthood.  I would recommend Dr. Danny to anyone. 

-Sandy T

 I highly recommended Dr Danny!  I had never been to a chiropractor prior to seeing Dr. Danny, so I was very apprehensive at my first visit.  He was very calming and easy to talk to. He listened to my concerns and my story.  He was able to not only adjust  problems that I had in my body but make a bunch of recommendations of exercises and lifestyle changes to help me as well.  I have now been seeing him for over a year now and I enjoy going to see him.  I wouldn't go anywhere else!! 

- Ahren A

 Moving to a new city, I was apprehensive about finding a chiropractor. From the very first visit with Dr. Danny, I knew I made the right decision.  He made my hip and neck feel better immediately. After months of not sleeping more than a three hour stretch due to severe pain, I slept through the night after my very first visit.  He is a miracle worker, and a super nice guy who truly cares about his patients! 

- Barb W

 Best chiropractor I've found in this area. Does work on muscles as well as adjustments. Very accommodating and kind! 

- Ashley J